Zen Dharani -禅仏教音楽集-

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A music jewel arranged by the "Buddhist monk singer" Kanho Yakushiji by putting together various dharanis like the Shurangama dharani (for Protection / Purification),
Nilakantha dharani (Mahakaruna dharani / Great Compassion mantra), Maha Jvalosnisa Dharani (Disaster prevention mantra) etc. from the Rinzai sect of Japan.
May this song bring you peace of mind.

薬師寺寛邦 キッサコ / Kanho Yakushiji Kissaquo
New Album「Zen Dharani -禅仏教音楽集-」

1.楞嚴咒 -啓請- / Shurangama Mantra -Keisho-
2.楞嚴咒 -第一会- / Shurangama Mantra Part.1      
3.楞嚴咒 -第二会- / Shurangama Mantra Part.2               
4.楞嚴咒 -第三会- / Shurangama Mantra Part.3                
5.楞嚴咒 -第四会- / Shurangama Mantra Part.4                
6.楞嚴咒 -第五会- / Shurangama Mantra Part.5                
7.楞嚴咒 -摩訶梵- / Shurangama Mantra -Makabon- 
8.消災咒/ Shosaishu (cho ver.)
9.卻瘟神咒/ Gyakuonjinshu (cho ver.)
10.大悲咒 / Nilakantha Dharani (cho ver.)
 -bonus track-
11.般若心經 / Heart Sutra (lunar new year mix)[中文版]
12.世尊偈 / Sesonge (cho ver.)

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